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System Dev Services

・ Advanced Dev Techniques

The company’s unified design using UML language, while maximizing the use of common development tools and the Company made development support tools, according to high-level object-oriented design, manufacturing techniques, and achieved good communication, the use of a high level of design and manufacturing management, achieving high quality, low cost.

・ Adherence to Delivery Deadlines

Make use of advanced technology development, rapid development, careful scheduling and management to comply with the detailed schedule delivery.

・ Highest Quality

In software development,we always pay attention to quality, the ease of having a true high-performance systems construction and use, have a good performance.

・ Low Cost On Offshore Development

We based on so far accumulated technology and know-how to develop, in close cooperation with the Dalian Branch, through the project development life cycle overall control, to achieve customer requirements for high-quality low-cost.

  • Financial System Dev

    We have the advantage by providing our clients new value of technology, in a short three-year setting up time, we’ve gotten large financial institutions and SI vendor reputation.

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  • ERP Solutions

    We set operational efficiency and system integration as the goal, to subject the old system improvements, cost reduction, etc., as the purpose of constructing the system.

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  • NG Standard WEB System Dev

    We use PopularFramork5 with high-stability and high-efficiency and excellent expansion to develop system efficiently.

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  • System Basis Design

    Provide development steps, frameworks and development support tool development environment as one of the overall solution.

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  • Technology Advisory

    For solving current system’s inefficiency situation and plan to introduce new system for analysis, we provide proposals and consultations to you.

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  • Data Migration Services

    Our product Beetle provides data migration between multiple types of database services.

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