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The voice of the hired.

PopularSoft, The Company attaches importance to the ideas of every staff.
We are not only the contractor of the large-scale enterprise, but also the company to promote the development of the orders firstly, and create the valuable systems, and provide the professional services for our clients persistently.
The challenge spirit is more important in our company.


Failure is the mother of success. The surrounding predecessors will try their best to help every freshman.
More freshman know nothing at first, but you can learn more gradually here.
I just have “try to do this job” in the beginning, it is OK! Then, let’s work harder together!


Voice of senior

Let me introduce this company,
although I join it not long.
Interesting and investigation are not the reasons why I join in PopularSoft,
but the accidental.
My former job has no relationship with IT industry.
I join into the IT industry without any experiences, just a bit of interests.
At first, I felt nervous. But I can learn from older colleagues,
even from beginning. So the nervous disappeared.
Of course, study and new breakthrough life are very important for me.
I feel very delighted to learn from the surrounding predecessors and boss.
I can enlarge my experiences through the guides from them.
I feel the working atmosphere is very sweet, and the place is comfortable.


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