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President Speech

Aiming to the world,developing with clients together



Popular-Soft use “Aiming to the world,developing with clients together” as philosophy.With the latest technology to meet customer needs in order to obtain the trust of customers sincere and trustworthy, and prosper along with customers.


Since 2004 the company has been founded,entrusted with the development during the same time, and is committed to their company’s product development. Seoul software company with advanced technology and project management, to customers first as a fundamental, in the short term to win the trust of customers, from development to undertake a large financial business development projects and a variety of component products.


We work with partner companies in Dalian, China. The company’s product development and overseas commissioned development are the company’s management policy, and the same standard management as the Japanese head office is adopted to achieve high-quality, low-cost project development.

On July 1, 2019, he joined the T-GAIA group.

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As of July 1, 2019, it became a T-GAIA group company.


This year, it will be the take-off year for Popular-Soft, and we hope to prosper along with you.


Popular-Soft Co,. Ltd

Jubun Sakano