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Mega Business System

Large commercial grain market system

Food prices in traded goods from the delivery of all sorts of information logged record company-wide accounting system data stream, contracts, etc. request a form output, the output current price accounting system business management · Management Information conducted.


Main Function

  • Transactions
  • Delivery
  • Achieve
  • Location Management


Assume Responsibility Detailed Design・Manufacturing・Combined test
Develop Scale Large-Scale
Develop Languages Languages:VB.Net
Develop Environment OS:Windows 2008 R2

DB:Microsoft SQL Server 2008

Futures trading system for large

Fututes·Option Convention, official dance hand result input function, position management, profit and loss management system.

Main Function

  • Appointment
  • Transport
  • Close out
  • Location · profit and loss management


Charge Phase Detailed design・Manufacturing・Combined test
Develop Scale Middle-Scale
Develop Languages Languages:C#、JavaScript
Develop Environment Develop Frame:Popular BusinessBocs

OS: Windows 2008 R2

DB: Microsoft SQL Server 2008

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