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Bank System

Anti-money laundering system

Money laundering measures, remittance fraud, illegal trading and illegal bond trading, antisocial forces and terrorist financing.

This system, transaction information and compliance information to cooperate on matters suspect withdrawn, analysis, reporting suspicious transactions to create, approve reports and other business processes of packaging systems.


Main Functions

  • WETCH list management functions
  • Name search function
  • New account confirmation function
  • Suspicious behavior detection
  • Suspicious transactions made Propose filing function
  • Performance Evaluation of correspondence


Charge Phase Basic Design・Detailed Design・Manufacturing・Combined Test
Develop Scale Middle-scale
Develop Languages Languages:C#、JavaScript Others:Active Report
Develop Environment Frames:Popular Business BocsOS:Windows ServerDB:Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2

For large financial institutions clearing agent system

This system, financial institutions, funds, bonds, general bonds, TPR CFD trading and other accompanying (settlement) and supporting business agent services.

Main Functions

  • Settlement Management
  • Account Management
  • Balance management
  • Principal and interest payment management
  • The form made
  • Common Guarantee
  • TPR(Now bear report and recovered Transactions)


Charge Phase Basic Design・Detailed Design・Manufacturing・Combined Test・Preserved
Develop Scale Large-Scale
Develop Languages Languages:UNIX C/C++ JAVA HTML
Develop Environment DB:HiRDB Server and basis:UNIX、OpenTP1、JP1 Develop Tool:UML、Rational Rose

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