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Main Field

By “banking system”, “ERP Import · development”, “large-scale trading system”, “TV shopping system”, “control and monitoring system”, “Workflow System”, “large amounts of data analysis system” seven fields, support the social structure, customer service and people’s comfortable life. These business activities to promote the same time, “visual order development,” has become the core.
Through this development process and manufacturing was visual development techniques to achieve a high quality, low cost, short delivery time orders development. And to provide customers with “assured environment.”

  • Bank System

    Bank backbone of the whole system design, extensive development projects carried out a wide range of IT solutions proposals to achieve.

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  • ERP Import·Dev ※Including SAP

    Operational efficiency and system integration as the goal, to subject the old products improvements, cost reduction, etc., as the purpose of constructing the system.

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  • Mega Business System

    Adapted from the spot and futures transaction to delivery, inventory management, assessment of the current price range of business models.

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  • TV Shopping System

    TV direct sales business and EC business inventory management or sales orders associated communication systems.

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  • Control and monitoring systems

    Equipment damage, dirt, malfunction, deterioration and other issues for many years, based on a variety of maintenance, made the remote monitoring device.

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  • WorkFlow System

    The paper use workflow electronically developed from referrals to approve the settlement can be freely customized business systems.

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  • Big Data Analysis System

    On the basis of available information, plus a variety of data analysis, providing business opportunities to tap the potential of the system.

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