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Terms Of Use

About use of this website

  • Popular-Soft Co,. Ltd. and its subsidiaries (hereinafter referred to as “Popular-Soft”), in order to clarify the rights and obligations, please read the terms of this notice.
  • This site, or that this site link side, the use of recorded provisions other than those specified, please observe the use rules.
  • The website content and URL, as well as the use of regulations, changes and alterations without notice. Use the provisions of the revised site is published at the beginning of this, which has legally binding.
  • When the content of this site is based on internal standards as a benchmark Popular-Soft-made software, or use public resources, Seoul software can not be responsible for the warranty liability, correct, current, integrity, business property, for use by a specific purpose suitability.


  • Copyright recorded content on this site, owned by Popular-Soft.
  • The contents of this site and may be used, only the Copyright Law, “private copy” and “reference” and other occasions. In this case, please indicate the source. In addition, more than “private copying” and “reference” in the range, a Popular-Soft licensing of software required.
  • License applications and further information, please contact the General Affairs Department(Tel 1.03 – 3831 – 2144 / ps – info @ popular – soft . com).


  • You can link to this site. However, Popular-Soft on illegal or contrary to public order that the site links, because links purpose is not clear, the possibility of repudiation.
  • Links page content and URL, as in the absence of notice, there may be changed or repealed,wish you all have known!

(3)In accordance with law and the jurisdiction of the Court

  • This site and ‘Web site use the term “the interpretation, compliance with Japanese law.

(4)The corresponding operating systems and browsers

  • When browse this website, we recommend using Windows XP or Vista / 7 / Mac OSX v 10.5.8 later operating system, Internet Explorer 8 or more, or the latest version of Firefox, Chrome latest version, Safari latest version of the browser.
  • When using other than the recommended operating system and browser, the pictures can not be shown in the presence of, hope is well known.


  • Browse this site PDF files, you need to use Adobe Reader.
  • Because part of the component of the site included the use of Flash, view these files, you need to use Adobe Flash.
  • In addition, according to the content of the different needs of different plug-ins. Please refer to the detailed content of the plug-in information.

(6)Contact Us

  • About this site · The company has comments and questions occasion, please click on the bottom of the site’s home page on the “Contact Us”, contact with the person in charge by mail.

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