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Job Description

Positions 1. Web · Open systems
2. IoT
3. BI/AI
Work Content 1.Web · Open systems
Our company possesses a framework of WEB · open system.
Application development, infrastructure construction, operational design, consulting business
Consistently from the upstream, involved in diversified work.
2. IoT
You are responsible for application development and operation of IoT products.
Regarding the planning and operation of IoT compliant products and accompanying consumer applications, we will conduct new launch services and existing services expansion.
3. BI/AI
We solve the problem with analysis and suggestion, and the BI solution business department flexibly responds to the needs of customers regardless of the scale regardless of scale.
Location Okachimachi「Transportation means」
JR Yamanote Line Okachimachi station [South Exit]4 minutes on foot
Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Naka-Okachimachi station【2nd South Exit】6 minutes on foot
Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line Yushima Station【6th South Exit】3 minutes on foot
Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Ueno Hirokoji Station【A4 Exit】3 minutes on foot
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Work Time 9:30~18:30
Wage According to consider the experience and capabilities, the company provides will be treated accordingly
Subsidized: reimbursement of travel expenses (company policy)
Benefits Health insurance (Kanto ITS), Welfare pension, Employment Insurance,
Consular money,
Compemsation Insurance,Child-care and nursing care (leave of absence,
time shortening etc.) Various systems,
Company trip (Once a year), etc.
Holiday System weekend (Saturday and Sunday), holiday, New Year, paid leave, marriage leave, bereavement leave
Recruitment Resume,deliver resume by mail( by fax,or by phone to consult more.

※The company “Personal Information Management Consent” agreed and signed consent forms and application information is sent as an attachment to the specified mailbox.

※Candidate information will only be used within the specified range of recruitment, without any other purpose.

Consulting Info Contact Department: General Affairs Department job offers in charge
TEL:03-3831-2144(Recruit Tel)

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