Popular Mailchecker

Mail Mistakenly-send-prevent Tool

Popular MailChecker

Popular MailChecker is a software which without having to depend on the mail server and e-mail software, is installed immediately available email wrong transmission prevention tool to the terminal. Automatic monitoring and erroneous transmission prevention of outgoing mail, browsing of outgoing mail, automatic compression and encryption of attachments, important e-mail reminders, and provides the functionality of a broadcast, etc. to the supervisors and officials by the policy.

Import Merit

To prevent careless mistakes associated with the e-mail transmission

  • TO,CC,BCC Input and selection mistake of the destination e-mail address
  • Attached leakage of attachments, attachments mistake, forget encryption
  • Operation mistake of a mass broadcast mail using BCC
    (accidentally set sent to the TO / CC)
  • Sending of creating e-mail, sent in the subject non-input

Easy and concise prevention measures: (PC-based, load even minor accompanying the introduction)

  • If it has installed on an existing PC, without any performing the setting,
    immediately to be available
  • In the existing system environment premise, new hardware network investment is unnecessary
  • Is introduced from many departments mail collaboration with external, sequentially can be achieved is expanded use

All existing e-mail software object

If it is standard mail server (SMTP), all of the e-mail software object

※ Operation confirmed mailer:
Outlook2007 SP2,Outlook2003 SP3,Outlook Express 6.0,Windows MailWindows Live Mail,
Becky! Ver.2.50.07 Japanese Version,Shuriken 2009 Ver.,Thunderbird Ver.,
Hidemaru Mail Ver.5.15,Eudora Ver.7Jrev1.0r,AL-Mail32 Ver.1.13a,Opera Ver.10.0,
EdMax Ver.5.17,Sylpheed Ver. 2.7.1,Winbiff Ver.2.51 PL2
※Not available for Web mail.


  • In MAPI mode, SMTP, Exchange Server, IMAP, the HTTP connection protocol is available.
  • In MAPI mode, not limited by encryption such as anti-virus software and SSL.
  • In the SMTP port mode, SSL, etc. encrypted e-mail is not available.
  • In the SMTP port mode, the above operation confirmed an environment other than the operation can not be guaranteed.
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