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Personal Information Protection Policy

【Personal information protection concept】

Popular-Soft(Hereinafter referred to as the Company)is software development business as the core business.Business activities, personal information obtained from customers and the employees of the personal information (hereinafter referred to as “Personal Information.”) If it is very important for the company, the company give great attention to the protection of their personal information.

Accordingly, the Company, personal information acquired business activities, will comply with the following guidelines regarding the protection of personal information, the company will give customers and employees’ sense of security. “


1.Obtain,Using and Provide of Personal Information

·Legal and proper use of personal information obtained by the means.

·Use to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose, the use of personal information.

·Personal information provided to the case of a third party should obtain consent beforehand.

·The intended use of personal information obtained can not be use outside the contact.While taking appropriate preventive measures.

·If the case occurs outside Objective in the new purpose of use on the basis of consent reuse.

2.Act, the state provides other regulatory guidelines (hereinafter referred to as “Act etc.”) often hold personal information on handling business-related laws and regulations, the company engaged employees (hereinafter referred to as “employees”), customer known and followed.

3.Personal Information Security Management

·Implement appropriate measures to prevent leakage, computer, network and facilities and equipment.

·To prevent loss or damage, good disaster preparedness disorders.

·Check the implementation of the violations and accidents, immediately correct the same time, and the weakness of the implementation of preventive measures.

·Complete safety-related education to employees, customers.

4.About complaints, inquire

About consulting, accurate and fast correspondence.

5.With respect to continuous improvement

·Our personal information protection management system for personal information protection policy achievement, monitor and audit the internal rules compliance, violations, incident, committed to the discovery of the accident and weaknesses, we will conduct a review by management. Reflecting this to the management measures and internal rules, and strive to continuously improve the protection of personal information management system.

·According to the improvement, we will comply with the laws and regulations and JIS Q 15001.

Fomulate Date:March 15th 2008
Last Update: October 01th 2016
Popular-Soft Co,. Ltd
President Jubun Sakano


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Popular-Soft Co,. Ltd
Personal information inquiries and complaints Consultation
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Use of Personal Information

【Business Name】

Popular-Soft Co,. Ltd

【Protection of Personal Information Managers】

Long Xiaoyong

【Intended use in the case of obtaining from the person in question other than direct writing acquisition】
System development or maintenance, in accordance with the contract business of consulting, etc., because of the fiduciary duties of when subjected to handling consignment of personal information carried out

【Purposes of disclosure of personal information】
Customers and of meeting, contract, contact
Negotiations with business partners, contact, contract
Recruits adoption, selection
Business contact with employee
Go in & go outs afety management

【Billing procedures for disclosure】
From the Company other person or its agent-like, with respect to personal information held by the Company (1) disclosure of your claim, (2) purpose of the notification of your claim, (3) correction of billing, additional (4) billing, (5) delete your claim, is called (6) stop using or third party providing a stop of billing, etc. (or more (1) to (6) collectively referred to as “disclosure, etc. of your claim,” the . proceedings of a case where I am allowed to support us in) is as follows

1.Offer destination of the claims of the disclosure, etc.
For your request for disclosure, etc., on the accompanying documents required in a given invoice, thank you by mail. When you post an invoice to the Company, such as delivery record mail and simple registered mail, thank you by the method in which the recording of delivery can be confirmed. In addition, we hope you’ll mention in the rubric “Personal information Invoice Enclosed” tail envelope.

“Personal information disclosure request “format (Word form) ←, please download the file

2.Submitted in the request for disclosure in writing
If you make your request for disclosure, the disclosure of personal information such as bill a top billing, on all fill out a predetermined matter, and enclosed the following documents that other person can be confirmed in the following any one point Please be mailed.
Driver’s license, a copy of the resident’s card, insurance card of health insurance card
※Please prepare what you filled a permanent address’s copy.

3 .Your request for disclosure by an agent willing
If you want to delegate to agent-like about it to your request for disclosure, etc., in addition to the disclosure of personal information such as invoices, please enclose the following documents.
(1)Confirm that the agent file (copy)
Driver’s license, resident’s card, the insured person’s health insurance card will be fine
※Be prepared to fill out a copy of a native land.
(2)Letter of proxy (personally cover chapter, please attach seal registration certificate. Agents are guardians and other legal representatives of time, without commission, and I show about family register transcript or copy, or resident’s card is also available.)

4.Application fee on disclosure, notification of purpose of use
If the request personal information disclosure and notice the purpose of use cases, applicants per one charge 500 yen (including tax) fee.
(500 yen fixed-amount postal money order and submit similar letters on file.)
Fixed costs postal money order purchase, please burden on customers.
In addition, when the fee is insufficient, and there is no fee attached to the letter, would not accept public by request notification purposes.

5.Publication of such an application method for answer
Address a written letter sent to the applicant’s application record your reply.

6.Private grounds of personal information
The following provisions of the occasion, can not accept the customer’s request for disclosure of personal information. Decided not to open the case, we will notify you of addenda grounds. Also, do not open and do not notice the purpose of using the following circumstances, be charged a predetermined fee.
(1)Request address to the book, the address I confirm that the document described, when the company’s registered address is inconsistent, could not confirm that the person’s circumstances
(2)When the agent application, can not be the case confirmed the right agent
(3)Documents imperfect situation
(4)Request records of the book, under the Company held uncertain personal information
(5)Objects to disclosure of personal information published application object does not meet the case
(6)Himself or a third person’s life, health, property, other rights would endanger the profit situation.
(7)Proper implementation of those undertakings may affect business
(8)Violations of the Act

7.On the revision
Open application procedures, etc., for the protection of customers’ personal information, as well as the corresponding decree to change, sometimes need to fix parts. Disclosure, etc. are requested, please confirm every procedure.

As unknown, please contact the following window.

《Personal information inquiry and complaints consultation》
〒110 – 0005 Imassony Building 3F, 1-11-9 Ueno, Taito-Ku, Tokyo-To
Tel:03 – 3831 – 2144(Work Day 09 : 30~18 : 30)
e-mail:ps – somu @ popular – soft . com
Popular-Soft Co,. Ltd Personal Information Consultation

【About authorized personal information protection organization】
The company, recognized financial Tuan general corporate personal information protection group information economy and society of Japan Association for Promotion of target person. The company is “Personal Information window” setting, from customer inquiries, complaints received, the following group of book “Personal Information Protection plight Consultation Room,” the company’s personal information consulting, complaints admissible.
Usually the Japan Association for Promotion of Information Society, Economics Personal Information Protection plight Consultation Room
Address:PostCode 106-0032 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 1-9-9 Roppongi First Building 12F
Tel:03-5860-7565 0120-700-779

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