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Popular-Soft Co,. Ltd.

The use of this website Popular-Soft AG and its subsidiaries (hereinafter referred to as “Popular-Soft”) business-related information, financial information and related information (hereinafter referred to as the “Information.”) The case, please confirm the following.

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  • Any information in this information or the Popular-Soft-supplied software on this information the user of you to provide information for the purpose of application sales for products, services or rights in the information the user of you to provide the other transaction, not to persuade, the media, and other recommendations or advice for the purpose. Popular-Soft, the parties are not required transaction or agents, and not apply the transaction, persuasion, media, recommendation or recommendations behavior.
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  • Popular-Soft,according to their own judgment, to update the contents of this information, and added, changed, deleted, and so part of the adjustment is not performed prior notification to the user of this information to you.
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  • Popular-Soft,is to update the contents of this information is added, changed, deleted, or part of the adjustment, maintenance check of the system, such as machine • Line fault or stop or power failure, natural disasters and other reasons other unavoidable reasons for the occurrence, a temporary interruption or stop providing this information the situation is not performed prior notification to the user of this information to you.
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  • The update of the present information, adding, changing, deleting or partial adjustment or book information supplied interrupted or stopped, etc., the information you use who suffer delay information, information is lost or damaged other damage occasions, Popular-Soft does not bear all the responsibility.
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  • Anyone who use this information, the use of this information is required by the computer, communications equipment, telephone lines, software, other people all the equipment, in addition to their responsibilities and cost burden, installation, connection, import and other preparation and management.
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  • Above, when reading this information, and so on, make sure the site use regulations, and then use this information.
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  • Popular-Soft,the info which is provided by the information, software or search results, third-party Web site or third-party goods, services or rights (hereinafter referred to as “content” in general.), Which does not guarantee its completeness, accuracy, timeliness sex, propriety, breaking news, reliability, purpose, usefulness, merchantability, non-infringement of intellectual property rights or third party composed of flawless performance of a debt or other there, and does not assume any responsibility.
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  • The content of the information provided is credible, whether to trade, please message the user’s own judgment, and all other transactions of investment, trade, loan or reference Seoul using the software content of those called upon to make use of this information assumes any responsibility. In addition, third-party complaints or disputes related content from among those who use this information to you and the third party settlement Popular-Soft has no right to participate.

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